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— Decentralised water source

water generators

Currently our systems are producing over 200,000 liters of water for 1900+ people

20 High volume deployments. 10 small scale deployments


Off Grid


Majik Water is a social enterprise that specializes in air to water technologies in arid and semi arid regions. We are creating a new source of affordable, clean drinking water for water scarce communities. If you have air, you can have drinking water.

Our Impact

Our primary environmental impact is in the reduction of freshwater usage that depletes finite groundwater reserves, while on climate change is through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction by eliminating the emissions from use of firewood and charcoal in boiling water.

Our goal is help change lives in communities, with this we target to install 100 litre+ community devices. Be part of it.


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Netflix Documentary

Narrated by Liam Neeson, interviewed by Matt Damon - our team was very proud to feature in this documentary about water innovations all over the world.

Forbes Africa Women in Science

In March 2021, Beth was featured by Forbes Africa in "Africa Reloaded: The Power Of The Collective In Science And Health", which profiled influential women across the continent.

Royal Academy of Engineering Finalist

Beth went to Cape Town for training with all 16 impressive finalists - next step pitching at Buckingham Palace. The Guardian interviewed Beth and Anastasia about it.

Our first radio appearance!

Our CEO spoke to BBC World Service about Majik Water.

50 ideas to change the world

The Financial Times included Majik Water and an interview with Beth on their series on 50 ideas to change the world, in a section that looks at the use of graphene in water filtration


Connected 2022 Innovations Award Clean Technology


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