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We are a Social Enterprise

Majik Water is a social enterprise that specializes in air to water technologies in arid and semi arid regions.

Our vision

Creating a new source of affordable, clean drinking water for water scarce communities. If you have air, you can have drinking water.

Years serving communities


Our CEO Beth is Kenyan and suffered from having to buy dirty, contaminated water while at university. She created her own water filter and started a successful business selling over 5,000 filters in Kenya in the past 5 years.
However she is increasingly coming across areas of Kenya where there's regularly no water available as rivers run dry and the water table drops.

Meet the Team

Anastasia Kaschenko / CTO


Environmental scientist, water policy, R&D. [email protected] Connect with Anastasia on LinkedIn

Beth Koigi / CEO

Market & Partnerships

Entrepreneur, Kenyan water market expert. [email protected]
Connect with Beth on LinkedIn

Clare Sewell / COO

Finance & Strategy

Oxford economist, 10 yrs strategy consulting, entrepreneur in Malawi.
[email protected]
Connect with Clare on LinkedIn


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