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The situation

1.8bn people living in water scarcity by 2025 (UN)

People running out of water in Kenya and beyond.


Currently our systems are producing over 200,000 liters of water for 1900+people.

High volume deployments
Small scale deployments

Sustainable Development Goals

Majik Water's primary environmental impact is in the reduction of freshwater usage that depletes finite groundwater reserves. Our impact on climate change is through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction by eliminating the emissions from use of firewood and charcoal in water boiling.

Water boiling is one of the major methods of creating clean drinking water from contaminated water that occurs in Kenya. A Majik Water 1000L/day system will reduce 2290kg of CO2e per day, and 835,850kg of CO2e per year, assuming operation every day.

Secondary GHG reductions come from the reduction in transport emissions from trucking water, and electricity needed in water bottling operations for borehole water.


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